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Rheometer RheoCAD500

A high performance rheometer for mortar and concrete characterization

Overview - Principle

"Big brother" of RheoCAD420, the new rheometer RheoCAD500 is a rheometer developed specifically for building materials characterization, such as cement, mortar and fresh concrete. Its principle is based on the measurement of the torque developed in response to the controlled rotation of a measuring device in a bowl. It measures torque vs.speed with multiple programming possibilities to obtain the best rheograms.




RheoCAD Principle


  • Easy programming
  • Linear Scale
  • Logarithmic scale
  • Manual, Quick or Expert protocols
  • Rheological models (Bingham, Herschel Buckley...)
  • Direct data transfer to Excel®



RheoCAD500 offers the largest dynamic range with 5 décades (5 order of magnitude) from 0.001 rpm to 250 rpm with 0.0001 N.m to 10Nm torque. It is now possible to accurately study  thixotropy or concrete restructuration phenomena. With such sensitivity RheoCAD500 can be used for many others complex fluids where high torque is needed: Concentrated suspensions, slurries, heavy paste material (from food industry), ferrofluids or magneto fluids for example.



Measuring device rotating speed

0 - 250 rpm


0 - 10 N.m

Torquemeter sensitivity

0.0001 N.m

Sample volume

11 - 37 L


0 - 60°C


600 x 700 x 1200 mm


95 kg


  • A high sensitivity torque meter is used with a dynamic range 0.0001 à 10 N.m.
  • Custom-made bowls and impellers upon request.
  • A drive unit control system can be programmed for your particular application.
  • The anchor speed is regulated from 0.001 rpm to 250 rpm.
  • Complete control of the unit via lab computer using USB interface.
  • User-friendly menu driven software offers automation and data acquisition capabilities and absolute units according to Couette analogy method.
  • RheoCAD500 offers the best performances of sensitivity with a wide shear rate range for measurement of a broad variety of fluid and slurries


Ex CourbesRheoCAD500


  • Rheological properties of cement, mortars and concrete
  • Rheology of fresh concrete
  • Rheology of Self Compacting Concrete
  • Restructuration, thixotropy study
  • Characterization of admixtures, fillers and formulation of concrete


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